The Metal Finisher

The Metal Finisher


TMF was created to offer product reviews, instructional videos, and industry knowledge for the metal finishing community.  We will post videos and articles detailing what’s new & exciting within the metal finishing industry.

TMF will offer support for the following processes:

    • Abrasive Blast – Wet & Dry
    • Vibratory Deburring
    • Burnishing
    • Grinding
    • Industrial Washing
    • Metal Preparation
    • Shot Blasting/Peening
    • Equipment Service/Rebuilds/Assessments
    • Abrasive Blast Parts
    • Coated Abrasives

Whip Check Cable

2019 Demo Day

Wet Blasting Stainless

Quick Connect Couplings

Abrasive Metering Valves

Avoid Operator Fatigue

Abrasive Blasters can use this tool to size nozzles and hoses.  Also, you can determine what media is best for your specific job, and determine what blast profile is needed.