Blue Dog Blasting: Get all your Abrasive Blast Parts & Supplies

Abrasive blasting can easily go wrong, ensuring that the project has to be re-done. This is frustrating because then the project will end up costing more time and money. Just as frustrating is trying to find blasting equipment easily online. The web is a wealth of confusing, hard to understand online catalogues for various products. And the blasting industry is no exception. There have been many instances where companies have accidentally ordered the wrong equipment. Again, a mistake that ends up costing the company time and money.

There should be a solution out there to ensure that people can easily find the correct blasting equipment. Introducing Blue Dog Blasting, a company that was created to couple 30 years of blasting experience with a web application that is easy to use. No longer worry about accidentally ordering the wrong size or equipment. Say goodbye to wasted time, trying to sift through pages and pages of a catalogue just to find the product that you want. However, in business accidents can be made, so we have also made returns as easy for our customers as possible.

The site will grow as we ramp up the product offerings. For now it has nozzles, hoses, and couplings. But if you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us at

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