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Do you need your Abrasive Blast Equipment Serviced?  Call Rodeco Blast Services (RBS)..we got your back!


Worn abrasive blast parts result in an increase in air/CFM to run your equipment, and reduce the overall quality of your parts.  Why deal with these headaches?  Call RBS…We will inspect all your blast equipment and give you a detailed report of what parts need to be replaced, and how you can get the most out of your equipment.

Rodeco Blast Services offers:

–         Equipment Service Assessments

–         Installations, Rebuilds, and Repairs

–         Replacement parts for ALL Abrasive Blast Equipment Models/Manufacturers

–         Operator & Maintenance Training

–         PPE and Operator Safety Equipment & Training

–         Abrasive Blast Media

–         Wheel Blast/Air Blast/Wet Blast

–         Demos for Wet and Dry Portable Blast Units

Call us today to setup a Service Assessment – 800-849-0871.  For 24/7 support call 919-622-7484

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