NEW ABRASIVE BLAST TECHNOLOGY! Worlds first ever Dual Induction Blast Pot: Blue Dog Radio Episode “One Plus”


NEW SANDBLAST TECHNOLOGY ALERT: Flowtech International will be introducing their new (patent pending) dual induction blast pot and answering all of our questions. Thanks to Jason

In our second episode (One-Plus) Shawn and Kev interview the CEO & Managing Director Jason McKenna. Jason review his patent pending new dual induction abrasive blast pot. The unit does not utilize a pressure vessel, so you can add abrasive while it is blasting. This technology allows the operator to effortlessly switch from dry blast to wet blast and from rinse to air blow off. These controls can also be added near the nozzle, so the operator doesn’t need to return to the blast unit to switch settings.
The Blue Dog crew asks a bunch of question about what makes this unit so efficient…..But, your going to need to watch/listen to learn more.
Flowtech International:
Blue Dog Blasting
The Metal Finisher
The Mobile Blaster

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